Bob Hockett Hall of Fame Induction Plaque 2014
  • It is with heartfelt thanks and great respect that we honor an
    individual who supports our school and community through his
    constant generosity. Bob Hockett was "The Voice" of St. Paul
    Football for 25 years. Some would question whether he needed a
    microphone. Fans and players enjoyed it. Referees and umpires
    have a different story to tell. He called every play with style,
    unparalleled enthusiasm and honor even when his own sons
    carried the ball. Known as a true sports enthusiast, Bob has
    loyally cheered generations of Buckaroos through every season
    and to countless victories. With his kind-hearted, unwavering
    donations of time and financial support Bob epitomizes the
    strong community spirit that is St. Paul.