Dee McKillip
  • In 1977, Dolores McKillip started driving school bus for the St. Paul School District.  After many years of raising her seven children and driving truck, hauling loads of corn, sheep and pigs, she said she surely could handle a school bus.  She had no idea when she started this part-time job, what life-long friendships and memories she would make.  Each student who rode her bus was special to her.  Dee showed respect to the kids and they respected her.  Dee especially enjoyed driving teams to sporting events, and no matter the distance or weather, Dee would get the bus there.  She was one of the Buckaroo’s biggest fans.  Her fondness for our national anthem prompted her to come up with a new and better way to present the flag at SPHS, most notably posting the flag on horseback around the football field.  Dee was granted the degree of Honorary Chapter Farmer of the St. Paul Chapter of FFA in 1984. After 22 years, she retired from driving bus in 1999.  Dee enjoyed horseback riding, barrel racing and was a rodeo volunteer for many years.  In 2002 she was inducted into the St. Paul Rodeo Hall of Fame.


    Inducted September 18, 2015