• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are my responsibilities as a parent/guardian in terms of replacement of the Chromebook if it is damaged, lost or stolen?  

    The St. Paul School District will be responsible for the repair of the Chromebook for normal wear of the unit that is covered by the warranty. 

    2. What are the approximate replacement costs of the Chromebook and accessories?

    Chromebook:   $250

    Chromebook Case: $40

    Chromebook License: $30

    Go Guardian License: $15

    Replacement Screen: $75

    AC Charger:   $20   


    3. Does my child have to accept a Chromebook?

    A Chromebook will be made available to each 5th through 12th grade student for the 2018-­2019 school year, for use at school and to take home. Students and parents/guardians must sign and return the district-­issued Chromebook User Agreement (Appendix E) before a Chromebook is issued to the student. If a parent/guardian does not want the child to take a Chromebook home, the parent should schedule a time to meet with the principal.  

    4. How is the District paying for the Chromebooks?  

    SPSD Chromebooks were purchased using district funds for technology budget.


    5. As a parent/guardian, how do I monitor my child’s use of the internet?

    Anytime your student logs into their Chromebook, there are filters in place. Go Guardian will filter and monitor their internet usage, even at home. If you would like to take additional measures, please see the attached document entitled Parents’ Guide: Safe and Responsible Student Internet Use. (Appendix C).  

    6. What if we don’t have wireless internet at home?

    A Chromebook’s use is maximized with Wi-Fi but students can still use many features without internet access. If a family does not have Wi-Fi and a student needs access, a student may use the Chromebook at school, at the public library, at local businesses with Wi-Fi capabilities, or wherever Wi-Fi is available.  Some apps may work offline and information will update the next time the device is connected to the internet.

    7. What if a student forgets to charge the Chromebook?

    There will be limited power outlets in the classrooms. However, some teacher have additional charging stations in their classrooms that can be used after teacher approval.

    8. Will students keep the Chromebook for the summer?

    Chromebooks and all SPSD accessories shall be returned during the final week of school so they can be checked for any service needs and prepared for use the following year. A Chromebook may be made available for students taking summer school classes that require use of the Chromebook.