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Anita Marble



Anita Marble has been helping students in the St. Paul community make music starting 33 years ago. It was then she started teaching classroom music at St. Paul Parochial School after getting her undergraduate music education degree from George Fox College.  She started her early years singing, playing the piano and flute, and being very involved in many activities while growing up in Sheridan OR.   In the years following her first teaching job in St. Paul, she acquired 7 children/step-children of her own while living in various places, having a variety of jobs, and eventually coming back to Newberg and getting her M.A. degree in elementary education at George Fox University. All those years she continued to be involved with music and teaching music to students of all ages, while raising her family.  About 13 years ago she was hired to teach music for the elementary public school in St. Paul.  Since then she has developed a music program for the whole district that now includes concert bands and wind ensembles for the middle and high school students and provides most of the students with instruments, as well as the classroom music program for the younger grades.