Proud History, Cultivating the Future

  • St. Paul Middle/High School Mission

    Providing a progressive learning environment for all
    students to achieve by the objectives and principles
    outlined in the St. Paul Brand.


    Belief Statements

    We believe in respecting and caring about each individual.

    We believe in pursuing intellectual, artistic, and athletic excellence.

    We believe in fostering integrity, imagination, and moral responsibility.

    We believe in high expectations for student achievement.

    We believe in life long learning and our strong community partnership.


    Student Guidelines for Success

    1. Relentless commitment to results and growth as a learner.

    2. Willingness to risk stretching beyond what one currently knows to new horizons.

    3. The insight to engage in self-assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

    4. The fortitude to be present daily.

    5. To reflect upon prior knowledge and apply new learning.


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