• St. Paul Booster Club


    Supporting Middle School and High School Athletics since March 1993

    2018-19 Committee

    President: Todd Koch

    Vice President: Kevin Schindler

    Treasurer: Julie Crawford

    Secretary: Michele Nowlin

    At-Large: Scott Curtis

    During the 2017-18 school year, the Boosters have allocated the following:

                      HS Varsity Baseball Bleachers   $ 5,975.00

                      State Travel Fee Assistance   $ 1,500.00

                      Basketball Uniforms   $ 3,000.00

                      Coaches Fees (Track, Football, Basketball & Baseball)  $ 5,950.00

                      Volleyball Equipment   $ 1,220.00

                      Gleason Field Sign, Softball & JV Baseball Signs   $ 3,465.00

                      Hall of Fame Plaques   $ 1,377.00

                      Athletic Fee Assistance  $1,895.00

                      Booster Club Scholarships  $3,750.00

                                                   TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS                $28,132.00

    Thank you St. Paul Booster Club!

    If you are interested in becoming a Booster Club Member, please click here for a printable membership invitation and form.

    If you have further questions, please email Julie Crawford at juliecrawfordconsulting@gmail.com.