The procedure is the same for all absences, regardless of cause or length of time.

  • The parent will call the school office before 8:30 a.m. on the day of the absence and every day after and inform the secretary. A message may be left on voice mail or with  the building principal. If the parent does not call, the secretary will try to contact the parent by telephone.

  • Upon the student's return to school, she/he must go to the school office and present the written excuse (if a message was not left) which includes the student's name, reason for the absence, date(s) of absence, and the signature of the parent or guardian.

  • A verbal or written excuse must be presented to the office upon the student's return to school.

Absences can cause a loss of credit. Excessive tardiness and/or unexcused absences can mean a loss of credit under the attendance policy of St. Paul School District. For this reason, students and parents should be very familiar with the policy on attendance. A student can lose 1/4 of a credit for eight unexcused absences and additional loss of credit can accumulate. Please refer to the section on attendance for entire absence/attendance policy in the MS/HS Handbook.

MS/HS Student Handbook