Board Members
NameYear ElectedEmail

Tim Crawford

Tim CrawfordSeptember 2014tim.crawford@stpaul.k12.or.us

Rob Scott

Rob ScottSeptember 2011rob.scott@stpaul.k12.or.us

Genoveva Elias

Genoveva EliasJuly 2015genoveva.elias@stpaul.k12.or.us

Ben Coleman

Ben ColemanAugust 2016ben.coleman@stpaul.k12.or.us

Sean Connor

Sean ConnorMarch 2016sean.connor@stpaul.k12.or.us

Nora Cain

Nora CainJuly 2017nora.cain@stpaul.k12.or.us
Doug WyssOctober 2018doug.wyss@stpaul.k12.or.us

The St Paul School Community is fortunate to have an outstanding group of community members to help guide the district as members of the 2019-2020 St Paul School District Board of Directors. As your Superintendent it has been my privilege to work with this dedicated group of individuals in determining the goals and direction for our district. Always focused on what is best for our students these individuals are committed to providing high quality education in a safe school environment for all students. Please join with me in thanking them for their service to our district and community. Board members: Tim Crawford, Ben Coleman, Rob Scott, Sean Connor, Jenni Elias, Doug Wyss, and Nora Cain.


Joe Wehrli
Superintendent St Paul School District