Senior News


If you'd like to see all of the scholarships available in a hardcopy format, visit Ms. Drescher in the Counselor's Office! There will be hardcopies and information for most every scholarship that is listed on the website and Schoology. You can make copies or just flip through the pages to see what's available.


Many colleges have scholarship awards of their own. If you are interested in a specific college, check to see what they offer. You can do this by going to the Financial Aid section of their website. We also have a few of them listed on Schoology, the school website (Click here to view scholarships.) and in the blue binder (hardcopies) in Ms. Drescher's office.

Have Questions?

One of the following St. Paul High School staff members may be able to help!

  • Ms. Drescher - College/Career and Scholarships
  • Mr. Kunkel - College Visitations, Senior Project
  • Mrs. Edwards - AP Testing, SATs, Fee Waivers, Test Scores
  • Mrs. Walsh - Common App
  • Mrs. Curtis - Scholarships