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St. Paul Community Update 3.27.2020

Dear St Paul Community,


Thank you to our community for your patience as we plan for the upcoming weeks of school closure due to the Corona virus outbreak. Our staff will be back to work on Monday March 30th although the majority will be meeting with me on line. During the first part of next week staff will be individually working on supplemental instructional materials that students will be able to access to continue working on school related topics in the weeks ahead. We will be posting information about how students and parents can access these materials by Wednesday April 1st. My goal is to have materials available not later than Friday April 3rd. All the details have not yet been completed for the program, we appreciate your continued support. As you may know there are many educational materials available on line and students are encouraged to spend time each day reading and writing. One good topic for them to write about is how this pandemic has impacted their school lives and the lives of their families. As we continue to address this situation please remember that just as your families are impacted so are the families of our teachers and all other district employees.


 As we bring staff back on duty, it is important to remember that all educators have “coronavirus stress” in our work lives, some also have it impacting their family in other ways through illness, layoffs, reduced hours, lack of access to childcare, and more…Thoughtfulness is needed to support staff who are also caregivers (all genders). As we ask them to return to work we must consider their physical, mental and emotional health. In order to accomplish this the district will:


•       Triage work assignments into most essential and non-essential, stating that only essential work tasks are expected to be completed promptly


•       Articulate clearly what flexible work options are available such as flexible hours, ability to have specific times during the day for direct contact, while leaving other times for childcare and other essential family functions.


•       We will encourage teachers to create reasonable boundaries with automatic email responses that state when they can and cannot be reached.


These and other measures will help us work together with our families at home to best support you in minimizing the impact of this interruption to the educational process.


I know you have many more questions regarding activities, testing, graduation requirements, spring events and more. We are working through each of these with the department of education, the Oregon Health authority and other agencies that are supporting the efforts in our district. Please remain safe and watch for more information to be coming out the first of next week.




Joseph M. Wehrli

St. Paul School District

Superintendent/Elementary Principal