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St. Paul Community Members 11.14.16

Nov. 14, 2016

Dear St Paul Community members:

The 2016-17 school year is well under way and our students, staff and programs have experienced a great deal of success already this year. The middle/high school has successfully expanded its instructional program to include a technology based platform that is highlighted by the issuance of a chrome book laptop to each and every student. The students have made this transition with a great deal of success and are accessing knew and exciting curriculum through this pathway that allows access to just in time research and learning.

Our elementary school has begun the work of incorporating I-pads into their instructional programs which helps ready students for their transition to the program now being offered at the next level.

Kindergarten through fifth grade is in the second year of implementation of the Bridges math program and this year is researching a new English Language Arts program that will be aligned with the common core state standards and will assist in vertically aligning our curriculum district wide.

Professional development work for district instructional staff this year includes refining instruction through peer observations, participating in a Spanish language class and technology enhancement.

Again this year our student leadership, athletic and intra-curricular programs such as FFA and FBLA are experiencing success and are busy making real world connections to school and learning.

The St Paul Boosters have been busy supporting our district and already this year have sponsored the Hall Of Fame program including the induction of new members as well as funding the purchase and installment of new bleachers in the existing high school gym. We are looking forward to sharing the success of this project with the community.

The St Paul School Board of directors continues to provide valuable input and oversight to all of the academic, programmatic and bond project decisions as we continue to strive to make St Paul public schools a great place for students to learn and thrive. I would like to thank our board chair Cindy Smith, vice chair Tim Crawford and board members Steve Stone, Rob Scott, Sean Connor, Genoveva Elias and Ben Coleman for their dedication and service to our district.

The district is continuing to move forward with the construction projects made possible by your support through the passage of a general obligation bond and the seismic grant funding. Please feel welcome to follow our progress on the district website and district face book page.

Joseph M. Wehrli