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St. Paul School District Community 2.27.18

February 27, 2018


Greetings St. Paul School District Community


The start of 2018 brought to a close the financial portion of the elementary seismic retrofit and remodel project, the auxiliary gym construction and the locker room remodel at the high school. I am pleased to inform our community that as a result of the dedication of many community members and district staff our design team was able to negotiate many obstacles and hurdles to achieve a highly successful final project. The gym and high school phases were completed as defined in their respective project scopes with the addition of a fire suppression system that was added to meet current fire code regulations. The elementary project was completed and with the addition of several alternate items the scope was expanded and we accomplished more than we had hoped. Additions to that project included but is not limited to: interior paint, exterior classroom doors, a new kitchen storage area, office space expansion as well as upgraded insulation and flooring. The inclusion of a new roof in the project allowed the district to save many thousands of dollars in maintenance costs that would have been incurred in the near future. The controlled environment heating and cooling system that was installed has improved the air quality in the school and has made a noticeable difference in the comfort level and quality of the learning environment for our students, staff and community.


As we closed the books on the project I am also pleased to inform the community that we came in under the budgeted amount and will be able to place nearly 150,000 dollars into our long term capital projects fund to meet the needs of additional district maintenance and improvement projects. I appreciate having had the opportunity to work on these district improvement efforts and would like to thank the staff and community for their support, patience and valuable input, without which we could not have accomplished so much.




Joseph M. Wehrli

St. Paul School District

Superintendent/Elementary Principal