Policy AC-AR

Code: AC-AR 
Adopted: 12/17/01
Discrimination Complaint Procedure

Complaints regarding the interpretation or application of the district’s nondiscrimination policy shall be processed in accordance with the following procedures:

Informal Procedure

Any person who feels that he/she has been discriminated against should discuss the matter with the building principal, who shall in turn investigate the complaint and respond to the complainant within five school days. If this response is not acceptable to the complainant, he/she may initiate formal procedures.

If the building principal is the subject of the complaint, the individual may file a complaint directly with the superintendent. If the superintendent is the subject of the complaint, the complaint may be filed with the Board chairman.

Formal Procedure

Step I: A written complaint must be filed with the building principal within five school days of receipt of the response to the informal complaint. The building principal shall further investigate, decide the merits of the complaint and determine the action to be taken, if any, and reply, in writing, to the complainant within 10 school days.

Step II: If the complainant wishes to appeal the decision of the principal, he/she may submit a written appeal to the superintendent within five school days after receipt of the building principal’s response to the complaint. The superintendent shall meet with all parties involved, as necessary, make a decision and respond, in writing, to the complaint within 10 school days.

Step III: If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the superintendent, a written appeal may be filed with the Board within five school days of receipt of the superintendent’s response to Step II. In an attempt to resolve the complaint, the Board shall meet with the concerned parties and their representative at the next regular or special Board meeting. A copy of the Board’s decision shall be sent to the complainant within 10 days of this meeting.

If the complainant is not satisfied after exhausting local complaint procedures, or 90 days, whichever occurs first, he/she may appeal in writing to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Discrimination Complaint Form

Name of Person Filing Complaint                                                 Date                                 School or Activity

Student/Parent G                              Employee G                                Nonemployee G (Job applicant)

Type of discrimination:                   G Race                                  G Color                                G Religion

                                                            G Sex                                    G National Origin               G Disability

                                                           G Marital Status                   G Age

Specific complaint: (Please provide detailed information including names, dates, places, activities and results of informal discussion.)

Remedy requested:

The complaint form should be mailed or taken to the building principal.