Policy AD

Code: AD 
Adopted: 12/18/89
Revised/Readopted: 12/17/01
Orig. Code(s): AD

Educational Philosophy

The Board believes that education should be shaped by purposes rather than by forces.

The district, while maintaining flexibility in adapting to an ever-changing society, is dedicated to the total personal development of each student to the limits of his/her abilities and interests in a sequentially-coordinated curriculum which allows for individual differences, rigorous academic content standards and opportunity to succeed.

To this end, staff members will strive to aid in each student’s intellectual, physical, moral, emotional, aesthetic and social growth so that he/she may become a useful and responsible member of home, community and society while leading a personally rewarding life.

As each student develops his/her abilities, he/she is expected to acquire a high degree of proficiency in the use of the skill subjects, to attain efficient and satisfying work habits, to grow strong physically, to acquire wholesome leisure-time interests, to learn to give responsible direction to his/her life, to cultivate desirable social attitudes, to assume citizenship responsibilities, to cultivate desirable intellectual interests, to learn their heritage and to learn to appreciate the world of beauty.


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