Policy ADA

Code: ADA 
Adopted: 4/4/01
Readopted: 11/18/02
Orig. Code(s): Memo

Mission Statement

Providing a progressive learning environment for all students to achieve by the objectives and principles outlined in the St. Paul Brand.

Relationships:                                                                                         Personal:

• Open minded to other’s views;                                                             • Risk taker;    

• A place where conversation and straight talk occurs;                      • Lifelong learner;

• Team players, not whiners;                                                                   • Embrace change and challenges; 

• Value colleagues, “no kicking under the table”;                                 • Flexible;

• Role models and mentors.                                                                    • Honesty and integrity abound;
                                                                                                                     • Celebrate success.                                    
Instructional:                                                                                          Learning:

• Real life learning: Classrooms without walls;                                       • All students connect at our schools;

• Integrates technology;                                                                             • All students can be successful;

• Not afraid to learn from our mistakes;                                                  • Parents, community and businesses – partners for                                                                                                                     achievement;
• Risk taking is encouraged;                                                                       • Success in learning is more than test scores.

• High expectations for student success.


Legal Reference(s):

ORS 329.025                                          OAR 581-022-1020
ORS 329.035
ORS 332.107