Policy BB

Code: BB 
Adopted: Unknown 
Revised/Readopted: 12/17/01
Orig. Code(s): BB
Board Legal Status

The Constitution of the state of Oregon charges the Legislature with providing by statute for a uniform and general system of common schools. The Legislature enacts laws to delegate the immediate control of the schools to locally elected boards of directors; thus, the Board is the governing body of School District #45, Marion County, St. Paul, Oregon.

Federal and state statutes and State Board of Education rules define and outline the general powers and duties of the Board. The Oregon statutes authorize the Board to transact all business within the jurisdiction of the district, control the district schools and educate the children residing in the district. Oregon Administrative Rules establish further requirements and guidelines for districts. The Board’s duty is to carry out those statutes and rules that are mandatory, e.g., “The Board shall...;” where the laws are permissive, e.g., “The Board may...,” the Board is empowered to exercise judgment and discretion.

This district will be known as the St. Paul School District.


Legal Reference(s):

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Oregon Constitution, Article VIII, Section 3.