Policy BBE

Code: BBE 
Adopted: 12/18/89
Revised/Readopted: 12/17/01
Orig. Code(s): BBE

Vacancies on the Board

The Board believes that any citizen who files for and seeks election to the Board should do so with full knowledge of and appreciation for the investment in time, effort and dedication expected of all Board members, and that the citizen’s intent to serve reflects his/her intention to serve a full term of office. However, there are legitimate reasons for vacating the office.

The Board will declare the office of a director vacant upon any of the following:

1. The death or resignation of an incumbent;

2. When an incumbent ceases to be a resident of the district;

3. When an incumbent ceases to discharge the duties of the office for two consecutive months unless prevented by sickness or other unavoidable cause;

4. When an incumbent ceases to discharge the duties of office for four consecutive months for any reason;

5. When an incumbent is removed from office by judgment or decree of any competent court;

6. When an incumbent is removed from office by the voters of the district.

Vacancies will be filled by appointment by the Board. The Board appointee must be a legally registered voter and must have been a resident within the district for one year immediately preceding the appointment.

Board elections are held every odd-numbered year which for the purposes of this policy are termed “election” years. The appointee:

1. Will serve until June 30 following the next “election,” at which time the individual elected in May of that year will fill the remaining portion of an unexpired term or serve a full four-year term; or

2. Will serve until June 30 of a subsequent “election” year if the vacancy occurs after the filing date in an “election” year.

A Board member so elected as a replacement will serve the remaining year(s) of the term of office of the Board member being replaced.

In the event of multiple vacancies the position of the Board member who resigned first will be filled first.

Upon appointment by the Board, the newly appointed Board member(s) will be sworn and will be seated immediately.

If the offices of a majority of the directors of the district are vacant at the same time, the directors of the Willamette Education Service District shall appoint persons to fill vacancies from the qualified voters of the district.


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Cross Reference(s):

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