Policy BBF

Code: BBF 
Adopted: 12/18/89 
Revised/Readopted: 12/17/01
Orig. Code(s): BBF
Board Member Ethics

A Board member should:

1.  Understand that the Board sets the standards for the district through Board policy. Board members do not manage the district on a day-to-day basis;

2.  Understand that the Board makes decisions as a team. Individual Board members may not commit the Board to any action;

3.  Respect the right of other Board members to have opinions and ideas which differ;

4.  Recognize that decisions are made by a majority vote and should be supported by all Board members;

5.  Make decisions only after the facts are presented and discussed;

6.  Understand the chain of command and refer problems or complaints to the proper administrative office;

7.  Recognize that the Board must comply with the Public Meetings Law and only has authority to make decisions at official Boardmeetings;

8.  Refuse to participate in “secret” meetings or other irregular meetings which are not official and which all members do not have the opportunity to attend;

9.  Insist that all Board and district business is ethical and honest;

10.  Be open, fair and honest — no hidden agendas;

11. Understand that you will receive information that is confidential and cannot be shared;

12. Recognize that the superintendent is the Board’s advisor and should be present at all meetings, except when the Board is     considering the superintendent’s evaluation, contract or salary;

13. Take action only after hearing the superintendent’s recommendations;

14.  Recognize that the superintendent should have full administrative authority for properly discharging his/her professional duties within limits established by policy;

15. Refuse to use the position for personal or family gain or prestige. Announce conflicts of interest before Board action is taken;

16. Refuse to bring personal or family problems into Board considerations;

17. Give the staff the respect and consideration due skilled, professional employees;

18. Advocate honest and accurate evaluation of all past employees when such information is requested by another school district;

19. Present personal criticism of district operations to the superintendent, not to district staff or to a Board meeting;

20. Respect the right of the public to attend and be heard at Board meetings;

21. Respect the right of the public to be informed about district decisions and school operations.


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