Policy CBA

Code: CBA 
Adopted: 12/18/89
Revised/Readopted: 2/19/02
Orig. Code(s): CBA

Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent

The Board requires the superintendent to be a strong educational leader who has the following professional experience and training:

1.  A current Oregon administrative license with a superintendent’s endorsement;

2.  A master’s degree in the field of education, preferably in educational administration;

3.  Successful teaching experience at the elementary or secondary school level;

4.  Service as a superintendent or other administrative experience.

The superintendent will have the following personal and professional qualities:

1.  Normal health and vigor;

2.  Success in leadership roles with staff, community and professional peers;

3.  Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;

4.  Scholarship, intelligence and excellent ability to plan and organize;

5.  Training, experience and success in personnel selection, evaluation and development;

6.  Knowledge of curriculum development, implementation and evaluation;

7.  Knowledge of business and support service systems which facilitate planning, control and accountability;

8.  Experience in administering collective bargaining agreements;

9.  Ability to motivate other administrators and involve them in a significant way in the decision-making process;

10.  Strong management skills, with the desire and ability to motivate and innovate, taking advantage of existing strengths in the district.

The superintendent, who shall also serve as district clerk as prescribed by law, shall be employed by contract upon terms and conditions agreed between the Board and superintendent. 

The superintendent shall:

1.  Serve as the executive officer for the Board and shall be charged with the responsibility for implementing the policies of the Board. He/She shall prepare the agenda for each meeting, shall attend all meetings except in the event he/she is asked not to do so when his/her own contract and salary are being considered, and shall participate in all deliberations of the Board. He/She shall administer the schools in conformity with the established policies of the Board and the rules and regulations of the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and in accordance with state law;

2.  Develop administrative principles and procedures for implementing Board policies. He/She, with the staff, shall provide a continuous appraisal of all policies originating with the Board;

3.  Recommend employees for appointment, demotion, promotion, transfer, discipline, renewal, contract extension, non-renewal, contract non-extension or dismissal in accordance with policies of the Board and shall assign instructional and noninstructional personnel;

4.  Ensure that the courses of study and curriculums, as issued by the ODE, are followed in the schools of this district, and shall recommend for adoption, textbooks and supplementary instructional materials after receiving recommendations from the teacher’s textbook committees. He/She shall develop and supervise a program for curriculum improvement for all levels of instruction and shall direct the in-service training of teachers and principals through conferences, workshops, group discussions, committee studies and use of educational consultants;

5.  Purchase all equipment, supplies and materials approved for purchase by the Board included in the budget. He/She shall submit plans and recommendations to the Board for use of maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of buildings;

6.  Assume responsibility for student transportation, cafeterias and fire protection;

7.  Submit to the Board an estimate of expenditures and receipts for the ensuing year. He/She shall direct the formulation and revision of salary schedules within the financial resources of the community and in accordance with collective bargaining agreements between the Board and the agent or agents representing the staff in salary negotiations. He/She shall make recommendations to the Board staff in salary negotiations with the various bargaining groups;

8.  Be encouraged to be responsible for maintaining good public relations with the community and for utilizing fully the community resources to enrich the learning program. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to interpret the philosophy, aims and objectives of the educational program to the community;

9.  Have the power to delegate responsibilities as he/she deems necessary and shall have the authority to require reports from all employees as needed;
10.  Have the power to suspend any student guilty of gross misconduct or continual insubordination to the school organization and/or regulations. This shall be done in a manner prescribed by the student conduct code and by state law;

11.  Be responsible for the proper classification and promotion of students;

12.  Transmit and receive communications relative to district affairs and relay them from or to the Board or the concerned party;

13.  Assume the duty of the supervisors to appraise the quality of the work performed by other staff members and make recommendations for improvement. He/She shall evaluate the building principal and nonlicensed supervisory personnel on the performance of their job responsibilities;

14.  Perform such duties as the Board may require, and in the absence of specific rules or policies and advice of the Board, shall assume any authority or perform any duty which any particular situation, unforeseen and suddenly arising, may demand, subject to later consideration and action by the Board;

15.  Perform such other duties as determined by the Board.


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