Policy CBG

Code: CBG 
Adopted: 12/18/89
Revised/Readopted: 2/19/02
Orig. Code(s): CBG

Evaluation of the Superintendent

The superintendent’s job performance will be formally evaluated at least once a year. The evaluation shall be customized based on collaborative efforts and include the educational leadership-administrator standards adopted by the state Board of Education. The standards include:

1.    Visionary leadership;

2.    Instructional improvement;

3.    Effective management;

4.    Inclusive practice;

5.    Ethical leadership;

6.    Socio-Political context.

Additional criteria for the evaluation, if any, will be developed at a public Board meeting prior to conducting the evaluation, and the superintendent will be notified of the additional criteria prior to the evaluation. Evaluations must attempt to:
7.    Strengthen the knowledge, skills, disposition and administrative practices of administrators;

8.    Refine the support, assistance and professional growth opportunities offered to an administrator, based on the individual needs of the administrator and the needs of the schools and district;

9.    Allow the administrator to establish a set of administrative practices and student learning objectives that are based on the individual circumstances of the administrator;

10.    Establish a formative growth process for each administrator that supports professional learning and collaboration with other administrators; and

11.    Use evaluation methods and professional development, support and other activities that are based on curricular standards and are targeted to the needs of the administrator.

The Board’s discussion and conferences with and about the superintendent and his/her performance will be in executive session, unless the superintendent requests an open session. However, such an executive session will not include directives about or a general evaluation of any district goal, objective or operation. Results of the evaluation will be written and placed in the superintendent’s personnel file.

If the superintendent’s performance is deemed to be unsatisfactory, the superintendent will be notified in writing of specific areas to be remedied and will be given an opportunity to correct these problems. If performance continues to be unsatisfactory, the Board may either dismiss the superintendent or non-renew his/her contract pursuant to Board policy, the employment contract with the superintendent and state law and rules.


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