Policy DBEA

Code: DBEA 
Adopted: 12/18/89
Revised/Readopted: 2/19/02
Orig. Code(s): DBEA

Budget Committee

Organization, Membership and Terms of Office

The district budget committee will consist of the seven members of the Board and seven electors appointed by the Board as required by law. Terms of the appointed members will be three years each with appointments made so that, as nearly as possible, the terms of one third of the members expire each year.

A majority of the constituted committee is required for passing an action item. Majority for a 14-member budget committee is 8. Therefore, if only 8 members are present, a unanimous vote is needed for passing an action item.

Function of the Budget Committee

It is the function of the budget committee to approve budget estimates for an educational plan previously determined by the Board. No new item should be considered for the budget estimate that has not previously been submitted to the Board and approved as a part of the educational plan. The budget committee will determine levels of spending, but will not determine programs.

Officers and Orientation of Budget Committee

1. Organization:

The budget committee will hold its first regular organizational meeting on a day set by the Board for presentation of the budget message and budget document. A chairman and vice chairman will be elected from among its members at this meeting.

2. Background Information:

The budget committee members will be provided with data for the ensuing year, such as the Board’s educational plan, and other pertinent material bearing on the preparation of a school budget.

Meetings of the Budget Committee

The budget committee shall hold one or more meetings to receive the budget message, the budget document and to provide members of the public with an opportunity to ask questions about and comment on the budget document. The budget officer shall announce the time and place for all meetings, as provided by law. All meetings of the budget committee are open to the public.

Final Action

The budget committee will approve an estimated budget document for submission to the Board.


Legal Reference(s):

ORS 174.130
ORS 192.610 - 192.710
ORS 294.305 - 294.565

Cross Reference(s):

BDE - Public Hearings
DBG - Budget Hearing