Policy EBBA

Code: EBBA
Adopted: 1/15/90
Revised/Readopted: 11/18/02
Orig. Code(s): EBBA

First Aid**

In case of sudden illness or injury to a student or staff member, first aid will be given by school staff. Further medical attention to students is the responsibility of the parents, or of someone the parents designate in case of emergency.

Each principal is charged with providing for the immediate care of ill or injured persons within his/her area of responsibility.

In each school, procedures for handling health emergencies will be established and made known to the staff. Each school and school vehicle will be equipped with appropriate first-aid supplies and equipment.

All employees are expected to know where first-aid supplies are kept in their work areas. Certain employees may be required to hold current first-aid cards. Names of the designated employees will be posted.


Legal Reference(s):

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Cross Reference(s):

GB - General Personnel Policies
GBE - Staff Health and Safety