Policy FA

Code: FA
Adopted: 2/19/90
Revised/Readopted: 11/18/02
Orig. Code(s): FA/FAA

Facilities Development Goals

As the Board seeks to provide and maintain facilities that will offer the best possible physical environment for learning and working, the Board aims specifically toward:

1. Providing buildings and renovations that will accommodate and facilitate those new organizational and instructional patterns that support the district’s educational philosophy and instructional goals;

2. Meeting all safety requirements through the remodeling/renovation of older structures;

3. Providing building renovations as needed to meet requirements on the accessibility and usability of facilities to persons with disabilities;

4. Building design, construction and renovation that will allow low maintenance costs and the conservation of energy.


Legal Reference(s):

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ORS 332.155                                                      OAR 437-002-0020 to -0075
                                                                                          OAR 581-022-1530

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Cross Reference(s):

EB - Safety Program
ECF - Energy Conservation
FECBA - Energy-Conserving Construction