Policy IA/IAA

Code: IA/IAA
Adopted: 3/26/90
Revised/Readopted: 2/17/03
Orig. Code(s): IA/IAA, IG/IGA

Instructional Philosophy and Goals

Education in the St. Paul schools is primarily concerned with the development of each individual to his/her greatest potential. In addition to providing for students’ maximum mental growth, consistent efforts must be made to meet their social, emotional and physical needs. Basic to all of these is the formation of values and attitudes which foster self-respect, self-discipline, respect for others and respect for education.

St. Paul students should be aware that knowledge is more important than grades, sportsmanship more important that winning, and an honest effort a better mark of success than dishonest achievement.

In applying educational policies to the group, the district must remember that there are inherent differences among individuals. Staff must implement a program flexible enough to meet these individual needs and abilities.

In order to meet the goal of providing the best in enlightened and progressive education for the youth of our community, internal policies should be developed by the teaching and administrative staff and upheld by all who are constructively concerned with education. Our community, as a segment of society, cannot afford to see any aspect of this goal sacrificed to pressure arising from interests beyond the function of education.

The social environment of the schools should stimulate each individual to develop the moral integrity and courage necessary to face problems and meet responsibilities to local and world society. Each student should be challenged by self-improvement.

The district will assist each learner to develop:

1.  The ability to reason and apply knowledge;

2.  The basic skills of reading, writing, problem solving and communication;

3.  Strong, healthy bodies and emotional well-being;

4.  A desire for lifelong learning;

5.  Knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of how our democratic society functions;

6.  Respect for the dignity, the rights and worth of all individuals;

7.  Skills, experience and positive attitudes and the capacity to adapt to changing conditions;

8.  Attitudes and behavior necessary to develop and preserve our environment;

9.  The ability to live rewarding and satisfying lives and to identify and cultivate moral and ethical values.


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