Policy IBDJA

Adopted: 1/19/98
Revised/Readopted: 2/17/03
Orig. Code(s): IBDJA

Relations with Home-Schooled Students** 

The Board affirms the rights of parents to use home instruction as an alternative to school enrollment.

Further, the Board is willing to assist parents in this endeavor if a request is made through the superintendent. The Board will furnish basic course descriptions, state minimum standards for elementary or secondary education and, when available, may furnish textbooks with deposit of a loss/damage fee.

The Board recognizes the potential for some students to benefit from the formal school program as well as from home instruction. Subject to Board approval, partial enrollment may be extended to any student who wishes to attend the St. Paul School District.

Only courses recognized by the state of Oregon will earn credits toward a diploma. The Board reaffirms its prerogative not to accept home instruction course credit toward graduation requirements.

Home-schooled students may participate in interscholastic activities if the following criteria are met:

1. The student is in compliance with all rules governing home schooling and can provide acceptable documentation of compliance to the district;

2. The student can meet the school district eligibility requirements except the district or class attendance requirements;

3. Students need not meet class requirements of the voluntary association and administering the interscholastic activities;

4. The student can achieve the minimum score on an examination from the list adopted by the State Board of Education. The minimum composite test score that a student must achieve shall place the student at or above the 23rd percentile based on national norms. The examination shall be taken at the end of each school year. (Students may participate while awaiting test results.);

5. The parent shall submit the examination results to the district; or the district may adopt alternative requirements, in consultation with the parent, that a student must meet to participate in interscholastic activities, including, but not limited to, a requirement that a student submit a portfolio of work samples to the district for review to determine whether a student is eligible to participate in interscholastic activities;

6. The student must fulfill the same responsibilities and standards of behavior and performance including related class or practice requirements of other students participating in the interscholastic activity.  The students must meet the same standards for acceptance on the team or squad. The student must also comply with all public school requirements during the time of participation;

7. The student must reside in the attendance boundaries of the school for which the student participates.

An interscholastic activity is defined as an activity:

1. With optional student participation which complements the curriculum, encourages students’ physical, academic or social development;

2. Is supervised by school personnel;

3. Is generally conducted outside the instructional day.


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