Policy IFCA

Code: IFCA
Adopted: 6/15/92
Revised/Readopted: 9/15/03 - 12/12/12
Orig. Code(s): IFCA

21st Century Schools Council

The Board directs the superintendent to encourage community involvement in shared decision making and to foster the collaborative efforts of district personnel, students, parents and community members through 21st Century Schools Councils at each school site.

Additionally, the Board may, as deemed necessary for assisting in the administration of grants or for coordination of district wide programs, establish 21st Century Schools Councils and/or other special committees at the district level for specific projects or issues.

The establishment and charge of the 21st Century Schools Councils shall not interfere with the duties, responsibilities and rights of the duly elected Board.

The 21st Century Schools Council shall be structured as follows:


1. One district level site council will encompass both the high school and the grade school which will meet no less than twice a school year.

2. 21st Century Schools Council shall be composed of teachers, parents, classified employees and building administrator or designee as follows:

a. There shall be a teacher from each district building site (K-6) & (7-12)
b. There shall be a parent from each district building site (K-6) & (7-12)
c. At least one member shall be a classified employee from the district at large;
d. There shall be one administrator from each building;
e. In addition, other members may be designated by the Board including, but not limited to, local school committee members, business leaders, students and members of the community-at-large.


1. Members of the 21st Century Schools Council shall be selected as follows:

a. Teachers shall be licensed teachers elected by licensed teachers at the school site;
b. Classified employees shall be elected by classified employees at the school site;
c. Parents shall be selected by parents of students attending the school, by a process to be defined by the Board;
d. Others shall be selected by the council.


2. The duties of the 21st Century Schools Council shall include, but not be limited to:

a. The development of plans to improve the professional growth of the school’s staff;
b. The improvement of the school’s instructional program;
c. The development and coordination of plans for the implementation of programs at the school in accordance with      Oregon’s Educational Act for the 21st Century;
d. The administration of grants-in-aid for the professional development of teachers and classified employees;
e. Advising the Board in the development of a plan for school safety and student discipline under ORS 339.333.

If the Board determines that a school site is unable to fulfill the requirement of the 21st Century Schools Council as outlined in this policy, or if the needs of a school site require a different composition, the Board shall establish the 21st Century Schools Council in a manner that best meets the educational needs of the district.

21st Century Schools Councils may request a waiver of Board policy. Waiver requests must be submitted in writing to the superintendent. The superintendent will submit the waiver request and his/her recommendation to the Board for final approval. Policy waiver requests will be considered based on the district’s mission statement, philosophy, Board-approved goals and effective schooling tenets.

All 21st Century Schools Council decisions are subject to superintendent and Board review and approval, respectively. In no case will 21st Century Schools Councils abrogate any provision of the district’s collective bargaining agreements, district contracts or Board policy, except through the waiver process.

21st Century Schools Councils, the duties of which include advising the Board or making decisions on behalf of the Board, shall follow the notice, meeting and record-keeping requirements of the Public Meetings Law.


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