Policy IFE

Code: IFE
Adopted: 3/26/90
Readopted: 2/17/03
Orig. Code(s): IFE

Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines 

Curriculum guides and/or course outlines will be available for all courses offered in the district.

A course goal will be on file for every course offered at the high school (9-12).

Information regarding course offerings and course descriptions will be available to all students and interested patrons of the district.


Legal Reference(s):

ORS 332.075 (1)                                             OAR 581-022-1020
ORS 336.035                                                   OAR 581-022-1030
                                                                           OAR 581-022-1130 
OAR 581-021-0045                                          OAR 581-022-1140
OAR 581-021-0046                                          OAR 581-022-1210
OAR 581-022-0606                                          OAR 581-022-1340
OAR 581-022-0807                                          OAR 581-022-1610

Cross Reference(s):

Registration Handbook