Policy IGAI

Code: IGAI 
Adopted: 2/17/03
Human Sexuality Education

The district shall provide age-appropriate, comprehensive human sexuality instruction for all students.

The course instruction shall be integrated in the health education curriculum. The course shall include, but not be limited to, information about:

1. Abstinence;

2. Responsible sexual behaviors;

3. Hygienic practices;

4. Consequences of sexual intercourse;

5. Consequences of unintended pregnancies;

6. Sexually transmitted diseases;

7. Laws pertaining to financial responsibility for their children;

8. Laws regarding sexual relations with persons under age 18;

9. Unwanted physical or verbal sexual advances;

10. Sex abuse;

11. Honesty, respect, responsibility for one’s actions;

12. Communication skills;

13. Family communication;

14. Parental skills;

15. Child development.

The district shall coordinate the course with the local health department where applicable.

The district shall make known to parents and district residents that the human sexuality instructional materials used in class, in a course, assembly or school-sponsored activity are available for review.

Parents of minor students shall be notified in advance of any human sexuality instruction. The notice shall state an opportunity to review materials; no student shall be required to take or participate in the instruction; and a written objection submitted to the district will excuse a student with no disciplinary consequence.


Legal Reference(s):

ORS 336.035
ORS 336.107
ORS 336.455 - 336.475
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Cross Reference(s):

IGBHD - Program Exemptions