Policy JA

Code: JA
Adopted: 5/21/90
Readopted: 4/21/03
Orig. Code(s): JA/JAA

Student Policy Goals 

Through its student policies, the Board seeks to advance the following goals.

1. To enhance equal educational opportunities for all students.

2. To promote regular attendance

3. To ensure that the constitutional rights of all students as citizens in a democracy have practical meaning and application.

4. To develop in students a sense of personal responsibility for their actions.

5. To assure student safety, health and welfare.

6. To deal justly and constructively with all students in matters of discipline.

7. To help all students feel that they are valued as individual persons in the school environment.

END OF POLICY                                                                                                                                                             

Legal Reference(s):

ORS 329.015                                    ORS 332.107
ORS 329.025
ORS 329.035                                    OAR 581-022-1030