Policy JEC

St. Paul School District 45 -Code: JEC
Adopted: 5/21/90
Revised: 8/13/2007
Orig. Code(s): JEB, JEC


The Board is committed to providing an educational program for all students living in the district. The Board believes all students living in the district who have not completed 12 years of education should attend school regularly and be included in the available educational programs.

State law requires students to be age six on or before September 1 to enter first grade; and age five on or before September 1 to enter kindergarten.

All new students must register in the office. Registration requirements include proof of the student’s birth
date (a birth certificate, a hospital record or a baptismal record), immunization records as required by law. Students admitted to any grade must show evidence of completing the prior school years.

Early entry into school will be allowed for a student whose fifth/sixth birthday occurs after September 1, but not later than November 15 and whose needs would best be met in the school program based on an analysis by qualified professional staff of his/her:

1. Cognitive development

2. Social development

3. Physical development

The superintendent shall identify screening processes and instruments which will provide a dependable assessment of the preceding criteria. Parents will be required to pay the cost of the special testing involved.

Students enrolled in the district shall comply with Oregon laws relating to age, residence, health and immunization.

Students located in the district shall not be excluded from admission solely because the student does not have a fixed place of residence or solely because the student is not under the supervision of a parent.

END OF POLICY Reviewed 4/15

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