Policy KG

Code: KG
Adopted: 7/16/90
Readopted: 9/15/03
Orig. Code(s): KG

Community Use of District Facilitie

The Board supports the community education concept, which encourages the usage of district facilities by community members for recreation, education and service activities. The following categories have been determined in order of priority for building and grounds usage:

1. Activities directly related to the required K-12 school program, including graduation;

2. Activities related to the extracurricular K-12 school program such as sports and seasonal programs;

3. Community school-sponsored programs such as classes and workshops;

4. Youth-related nonschool activities;

5. Adult-related nonschool activities.

The Board expects the users to treat the facilities with respect. An Agreement for Use of District Facilities form must be submitted by the person or group to the school office in coordination with the administrator of the involved facility. The user(s) must agree to all guidelines on the form. The original copy of the agreement will be sent to the superintendent’s office for approval, with copies distributed to the appropriate building administrator, building custodial staff and facility user.

The use of school facilities by any person or group operating for private gain or any purpose involving private gain will not be permitted.

Approval for using the facilities will be granted for a period not to exceed three months. Requests must be resubmitted if the user desires to continue usage.


Legal Reference(s):

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