Policy KK

Code: KK
Adopted: 7/16/90
Readopted: 9/15/03
Orig. Code(s): KK

Visitors to District Facilities

The Board encourages parents and other citizens of the district to visit the school and classrooms at any time to observe the work of students, teachers and other employees. The Board believes there is no better way for the public to learn what the school is actually doing.

In order to assure that no unauthorized persons enter the school with wrongful intent, all visitors will report to the school office when entering and receive authorization to visit elsewhere in the building. (This policy does not apply when parents have been invited to classroom or assembly programs.)

Any unauthorized person on school property will be reported to the principal or superintendent. The person will be asked to leave. The police may be called if the situation warrants such measures.

Students will not be permitted to bring brothers and sisters to school. Requests to bring out-of-town visitors to school must be submitted to the principal in advance.


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Cross Reference(s):

BG - Board-Staff Communications