Policy KL

Code: KL 
Adopted: 9/15/03
Public Complaints

Members of the public and students are encouraged to make their concerns known to the district and to afford the district an opportunity to review those concerns and respond to them.

Complaints about instructional materials, staff members or alleged violation of state standards should be dealt with first at the local school. Persons having complaints should approach the principal and, if possible, resolve the problems at this level. Complaints about Board policy or administrative regulations should be referred directly to the superintendent.

When a complaint is made directly to the Board or to an individual Board member, it will generally be referred to the superintendent for study and possible solution.

If the person(s) having a complaint fails to resolve the concern with the principal or the superintendent, the person may request that the matter be referred to the Board. If the Board deems it advisable it may provide for a hearing of the complaint at an official meeting of the Board.

The superintendent shall develop regulations designed to encourage the timely resolution of public complaints while providing a system of review which will allow both the complainant and other affected parties an opportunity to be heard.


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Cross Reference(s):

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