Policy KL-AR

Code: KL-AR 
Adopted: 9/15/03
Public Complaint Procedure

Initiating a Complaint: Step One

Any member of the public who wishes to express a complaint should discuss the matter with the school employee involved (teacher, counselor, assistant principal, secretary, etc.) It is the intent of the district to solve problems and address all complaints as close as possible to their origin.

The Building Administrator: Step Two

If unable to resolve a problem or concern at step one then the complainant should work with the building principal to resolve the complaint or concern.

The Superintendent: Step Three

If such a discussion at the building level does not resolve the complaint or if such discussion is not practical under the circumstances, the complainant, if he/she wishes to pursue the action, shall file a signed, written complaint with the superintendent clearly stating the nature of the complaint and a suggested remedy. (A form is available, but is not required.)

The superintendent shall investigate the complaint, confer with the complainant and the parties involved and prepare a written report of his/her findings and his/her conclusion. (Approximately one week in most cases will be required.)

The Board: Step Four

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the superintendent’s findings and conclusion, the complainant may appeal the decision to the Board. The Board shall hold a hearing to review the findings and conclusion of the superintendent, to hear the complainant and to take such other evidence as it deems appropriate. Generally all parties involved, including the school administration, will be asked to attend such meeting for the purposes of presenting additional facts, making further explanations and clarifying the issues.

The Board may elect to hold the hearing in executive session if the subject matter qualifies under Oregon Revised Statutes.



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