Dear St. Paul Community

Important Update on St. Paul District Operations

October 22, 2020

Dear St. Paul Community,                                                                                                

Our district continues to operate under the Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance from the State of Oregon; with the majority of our students receiving instruction through the Comprehensive Distance Learning model, while some are receiving limited in-person instruction in order to provide an equitable educational opportunity to all of our students. We continue to monitor student progress and encourage you as our partners to please reach out often and share how we can help you negotiate this challenging path to educating our students. Our teachers and support staff are putting in long hours preparing lessons, gathering performance data and delivering online and limited in person instruction. It is critical that all of our students take advantage of these opportunities so that they continue their academic growth.

I had hoped to be delivering a much different message to you for the month of October, however the increased infection rate for Covid-19 in Marion County, as well as the rest of the nation, has forced our district to remain closed in an effort to do our part in preventing further spread of Covid-19 in our community. St. Paul has a number of positive test cases and we have been directed by the Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority to remain closed. This closure will remain in effect until Marion County meets the required metrics of infection rates and frequency that is required by the state. Our district has a reopening plan in place and as a result we will continue to stand ready to reopen as soon as we are able. The current closure will likely remain in place at least until the winter break based on current health data. If the situation changes our district will immediately start planning for reopening. Your school board, teachers and administration are all in support of reopening as soon as it is determined to be safe. School environment transmission of the disease remains low in most areas, sanitation and social distancing helps to reinforce our position with respect to our desire to reopen our schools for onsight instruction. Our number one goal is student and community safety. Thank you for your patience and dedication to the St. Paul School District.

More information on Safe Schools in Oregon can be found on the Oregon Department of Education website.

“Returning to In-Person Instruction Through the On-Site or Hybrid Model.  For a school to return to in-person instruction through ODE’s On-Site or Hybrid instructional models, the metrics below, which consider local as well as statewide conditions, must be met: COVID-19 County Metrics - metrics to be met three weeks in a row ❏ Case rate: ≤10 cases per 100,000 population in the preceding 7 days* ❏ Test positivity: ≤5% in the preceding 7 days - and - State Metric - ❏ Test positivity: ≤5% in the preceding 7 days for 3 consecutive weeks.” 

Be safe, be responsible, wear a mask, and social distance.


Joseph M. Wehrli

St. Paul School District 

Superintendent/Elementary Principal