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Dear St Paul Community:

Beginning Tuesday, Nov. 2nd food will be prohibited (including Candy) in the St Paul High School Gym during athletic events. Drinks will continue to be allowed. Please remember to replace your face mask properly after taking each drink. This step is being taken in order to support student athletes by cooperating with the OSAA requirements to properly wear face coverings and to avoid the possible disqualification of our team.  We appreciate your continued support.  

Go Bucks!

OSAA Best Practice Procedures for Non-Compliance

NOTE: Each of these procedures must be followed, along with communication between administrators from the participating schools verifying the processes followed, prior to ending a contest.

  • Public address announcements read reminding individuals of the need to follow the masking requirements.
  • Administration of the school affiliated with the person(s) not complying to request that the person(s) follow the masking requirements.
  • If still non-compliant, person(s) asked to leave the facility.
  • If person(s) refuse(s) to leave the facility, the contest may be interrupted to address the situation.
  • Final opportunity for person(s) to leave the facility or the contest may be delayed or ended.
  • Consider requiring all spectators to vacate the facility prior to the contest being delayed or ended.
  • End the contest.  A forfeit may be assessed to the school affiliated with the person(s) not complying, with potential additional sanctions as determined by the Executive Board.


Joseph M. Wehrli

St. Paul School District

Superintendent/Elementary Principal