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Important Update on St. Paul District Operations

Nov 18, 2021

Dear St. Paul Community,

 Our middle-high school received a “Bomb” threat which required us to evacuate that building today. Special thanks to the Marion County Sheriff Department for responding quickly and efficiently. A team of officers cleared the building and I was given additional information that allows me to inform you that though we did receive a threat there was no danger to our students or staff and our schools remain safe. Out of an abundance of caution and due to the already disrupted day I did close the Middle High school until tomorrow, Friday, November 19th when we will return to normal operations. I was unable to share additional information earlier today in order to not impede the investigation which was completed quickly and effectively by law enforcement. Our middle and high school students were relocated to the elementary school for a short time until arrangements could be made to transport them home. Thank you to all of our parents for responding quickly and accommodating this unusual situation. 

Special thanks to Mr. Schrader and the MS/HS staff for their quick response and in keeping everyone safe. Our students were amazing, remaining calm and responding quickly to our requests. I am very proud of the way they responded today. I also want to thank our elementary teachers for maintaining near normal operations with all the disruption and extend my appreciation to office staff, food service, and transportation staff for assisting with keeping students feeling safe and supported. We are truly St Paul Strong!


Joseph M. Wehrli

St. Paul School District 

Superintendent/Elementary Principal